Reusing Displays

Hi Guys,

I am deeming February a month of bringing back old displays!

I put up three new bulletin board / window displays this week that I haven’t used in a few years.

This is why you should save everything!


Hooked On Books! — Some fish (made out of hearts), some googly eyes and a cute bookworm.

Very hungry for a good book! — I may jazz this up a little more but for now, it’s like the easiest caterpillar ever!


Library Lovers Month — We accucut hearts and they kind of look like sweet tarts when the kids all post them up there.

Reading is SNOW much fun!

Hi Guys,

I ran short on time for this window display, so I figured I would let the kids and adults do all the work for me!

A colleague and I created a snowflake maker space, where we had a little table with snowflake cutting instructions. The kids could either cut a snowflake or color in one of our accucut snowflakes. We then added them to our window display.

It is a bit messy with all the paper cutting scraps but it turned out pretty nice, so it was worth it.

That’s all for now!


Leaves Are Falling, Books are Calling

Hi Guys! I needed quick and easy displays this month. I know… boring, but still pretty.

This was an easy-peasy one. I already had some fall colored leaves cut out and I just printed the words “Leaves are falling, books are calling.” I made the word “FALLING,” look like the letters were falling.

That’s all for now!


Next Stop: SCHOOL

This one was so fun and SO easy!

I basically made simple train cars, nothing fancy, and used my steam puffs to display my text.

I think it came out really great and put side-by-side like this, it looks even better.

There’s actually a walkway right through these two windows, but I think it still works. Pardon the pillars, I couldn’t get everything in the shot.


I really hope kids try to look through the little car windows 🙂

That’s all for now!


Seasons Window Display

Hi Guys,

I finally had time to do a display that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! We have four beautiful windows, two on each side of the entrance to our children’s room, which are just perfect for a four seasons display. And because the weather has been super wonky lately, I thought it would be the perfect time for it.

For a display with a lot of pieces, this wasn’t actually all the complicated. For each of my seasons I had the same land marks but in the seasonal colors and characteristics.

Winter: We have our snowy scenery, snowman and all.


Spring: Spring showers, may flowers and a bunny too!


Summer: Summer is probably my least exciting. Summer sun and flying kite fun!


Fall: Can you tell fall is my favorite season. Falling leaves, scarecrows and pumpkins… Oh my!


Again, a lot of little pieces here but pretty simple shapes. This is a display that can definitely be reused, in piece or in whole. And it’s one I am going to leave up for a while!

That’s all for now!