Keeping Busy with a Toddler: Part VII

As it is getting hotter and hotter outside–hello summer–it is time to start thinking about anything fun that can keep us cool outside. This is especially true for everyone who isn’t quite keen on the crowds yet and the uncertainty with public pools opening.

We’re making due at my house with our baby pool and, surprisingly, Tupperware.

Bubble Pool:


My little one loves bubble baths! We can’t do them all the time because they aren’t very good for the lady bits but we added some to our baby pool and gave her a sponge and a bunch of toys. This was a hit at my house and now every time I fill up the pool, she wants to know where the bubbles are!

Ice Tupperware:


I was putting ice in the dog’s water bowl one randomly hot day and my little one just kept trying to play with it. So I made her her own ice container on the back deck and this kept her busy for an hour. I honestly don’t know what the appeal was but I’ve filled that container with water on multiple occasions now instead of breaking out the blow up pool. Who needs a water table when you can plastic containers!

Feet Painting:


We have a long roll of brown paper that we invested in when the pandemic started a few months ago and it has been a life saver. One particularly messy morning, I dropped a bunch of paint splotches on down and just let her make some feet art.

Alphabet Rocks & Window Drawing:

I’ve also invested in some alphabet rocks, which I did not make but a crafty person could easily do so. My little one is advanced in a lot of ways but letters are something she shows absolutely no interest in. So I am hoping her love of rocks will help.

And dry erase markers on a rainy day are also a ton of fun!

That’s all for now!


Keeping Busy With a Toddler: Part VI

Back with some more random toddler-esq activities. Anyone else starting to run out of ideas, especially ones that last more than five minutes? Anywho… here’s what we’ve been up to:

Rock Scrubbing:


Continuing our work on very slowly creating a fairy garden, we found some cool rocks and got them all cleaned up. A bucket, some soap and a sponge led to at least an hour of cleaning rocks… and re-cleaning rocks, which eventually led to scrubbing the club house and the slide.

Pom Poms & Straws:


A while ago I bought a bag of mixed sized poms for crafting or sensory bins and the other day I grabbed the bag and some straws. I used some painters tape to create a “track” and fully intended on “racing” the buggy to see who could make their pom cross the finish line first. She had other options and dumped them all out. There was a lot of spit involved, lol.

Miscellaneous Happenings:

One thing I tried, after seeing a few posts from other moms, was doing a colorful veggie scavenger hunt, which lasted about five minutes. I “hid” her veggies and asked her to name them and the colors when she found them. We ended up throwing all the fruit when I told her the watermelon was a lemon and she insisted it was a watermelon. Oh well.

We are starting to get the nursery ready for our second baby and one of the awesome ideas my husband had was to use a magnetic primer on one of the skinny walls. The thought is that the buggy can play with magnets when we are stuck in the nursery feeding the baby or something. No dust from chalk; no mess of a white board; I love it!

Finally, we got really desperate one night before bath time and broke out the washable markers and let the bug “paint” her toes. This turned into coloring her feet and eventually coloring our feet too. Desperate times people. But we made it to bath time with a happy toddler.

Stay safe everyone!

That’s all for now!



Keeping Busy with a Toddler: Part V

We’ve had a slow week, reusing some of our other crafts, but here’s what’s new at my house to keep the little one going…

Mother’s Day Craft:


We did some hand print art for Mother’s Day for our Grandma and Mimi. I let my little one paint her own hand and then we pressed them down. I recommend having something they can smear after you force them to make nice hand prints. Annnnd I realized after scheduling this post that my mom will probably see it before she get’s the picture… Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Cushion fun:

Probably not my safest idea ever but cushion climbing and bouncing were hours of fun at my house. I keep getting asked to play “the game.” I generally wait for daddy to be home though to make it safer.

Sorting Egg Carton Fun:

I saved a large egg carton and we’ve been sorting all sorts of things into it–from water beads to our rock collection. You can use the egg carton to sort and count as well, but we just enjoyed filling up the spaces.

More Fun:

We’ve also been painting in different locations, like outside on the bricks. We’ve gone on lots of walks with our stuff puppy. We are also slowly working on creating our own fairy garden in an unused spot along the side of the house. I purchased one plastic play garden and now we are gathering sticks and rocks to paint and make houses out of. It’s a slow process but something we are picking up things for on our copious mini-walks.

What’s everyone else doing?

That’s all for now!


Keeping Busy With A Toddler: Part IV

I hope everyone had a happy, if smaller scaled Easter this year. Here are a few more of the crafty things we’ve done at my house to keep busy these past few weeks:

Decorating Easter Eggs:


Just like our rainbow picture a few posts ago, we decided to decorate an Easter egg. This time I broke out some poms along with the tissue paper.

Painting a “Bird House”:


We will be continuing this one as we break out the paints here and there, but we are working on paining an empty oatmeal container, which we will then turn into a bird house and stick it outside with some seed… maybe. We’ll see if we ever finish it.

DIY Shadow Tube Puppets:


I saw this one online and thought I’d give it a try. We have some toilet paper and paper towel tubes that I’ve just been putting to the side. So we covered one side with clear food wrap, and then I cut out shapes to stick on. When you shine a flashlight through the tube, the shadow of the shape shines on the ceiling or wall. You could even extend this by letting the little one decorate the tubes first.

Some non-craft, household ideas:

We’ve also tried to utilize what we have around the house to keep ourselves busy. We made some cookies the other day. This was messy but fun. Instead of cutting out shapes, I let my little one roll the dough into balls and then we “threw” them at the baking pan, which seemed to entertain.

We also broke out the dominoes, which is super frustrating for the parents because all my little one wants to do it knock down whatever we build. But hey, if it works!

Stay sane all!