Be A Super Reader!

Hi Guys,

We are starting to get geared up for our MoComCon library comic con in January, so I figured this would be the perfect time to do a superhero bulletin board display.

First I cut out a silhouette of some skyscrapers and glued little yellow windows on it. That was probably what took the most time honestly.

Finished it up with a spotlight saying “BE A SUPER READER” and a few superheroes and ta-da!

Fun and fairly easy display.

That’s all for now!



I love witty little sayings and putting a bookish spin on some of my favorite things. I used to love Monopoly when I was a kid… even if it did take forever. So creating my own bookopoly board was a must!


For the board itself, I altered the four corners to look like the regular Monopoly squares but with different, bookish sayings. Then for my spaces, I used book covers. Finally, for my “railroad” spots, I used different genres and did them in black and white so they would look like the railroad space.

I actually shortened the board to make things easier for me. That way I also didn’t have to make the chance other special spaces, like the chance spaces. Although, I am totally bummed that my police officer corner space is rotated the wrong way. But the board has been laminated and so it shall stay that way.

Throw in a few fake dollars, a witty saying–Get in the game… READ– and viola!

So. Much. Fun.

That’s all for now!


February Display

Hi Guys,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a display. It’s been crazy, so I’ve been reusing older displays from last year. BUT I have a new one for you today. I think of February and my mind immediately goes to love and chocolate.

Here’s a fun and fairly easy display that plays off the Forest Gump line, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you’re gonna get.” Substitute “life” for “books” and ta-da!


I did my boarder in die cut hearts and I created my own 3D box of chocolates. The box of chocolates took a little bit of time. I created my hear bottom out of construction paper and then I cut two inch strips of the same paper and painstakingly taped them to the bottom to form a box-like shape. My “chocolates” are mini cupcake holders that I glued. I wanted to add different color brown tissue paper to the mini cupcake holders but I was afraid my glue wouldn’t hold and the whole thing would be too heavy. If anyone thinks of a good way to do this, let me know.


And that’s about it. Not too difficult. Boy do I love 3D displays!

That’s all for now!


Go Back to School with all your Friends!

Hey Guys,

With summer winding down, I wanted to get up a new display but didn’t have much time to work on it. Thank goodness, I save pretty much everything!

For this one, I pulled out all my old characters and printed out the words:

“Go back to school with all your friends!”

Our books are our friends right?! Anyway, gotta love a good recycled display. I promise to have a brand new one for Banned Book Week!

That’s all for now!


If you give a kid a book…

Hey Guys!

I was trying to hold out and leave my “Reading ROCKS!” display up until the end of the summer but I got board, so you get a new bulletin board from me.

My inspiration for this one was the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie picture book series. I wanted to come up with something bookish and this what I got:

If you give a kid a book,

He will probably become a reader.

And if he becomes a reader…

Anything is possible!

I tried to copy the series font and sort of style on the bulletin board.  Then I cut out some cute silhouettes of children reading and images of the “If you give a…” picture book covers.


Overall, I think it came out pretty good!

That’s all for now!