Winter by Marissa Meyer is the fourth and final book in The Lunar Chronicles. Princess Winter is loved and admired by the people of Luna, while Queen Levana is feared and adored via persuasion. Winter is kind and beautiful and more than a little crazy. Winter reuses to use her lunar gifts and would rather go mad than force anyone to do anything. Including her childhood friend and big time crush, Jason.

Winter hates Levana’s cruelty and knows that her step-mother would never approve of her love for Jason. And in proof, Levana gives Jason an ultimatum–kill Princess Winter or everyone you ever loved or known dies. Refusing to harm his princess Jason tricks Levana and smuggles Winter out of the palace where she meets Cinder and her unlikely crew of allies. Plans are in motion and Cinder and her crew are ready to bring Queen Levana down.

Will Cinder, Winter, Cress and Scarlet succeed in starting a revolution and ending Levana’s reign? At what cost? And will our heroines ever get their own happily ever afters?

Good lord this was long… like really, really long. And what’s worse, it could have ended about five or six times with a perfectly fine resolution but it just kept going. Grant it, I did listen to this book, I didn’t read it. Maybe if I had read it, I would have felt differently. This one just felt like a roller coaster. Every time you thought you were getting off, Meyer would pull you back up the tracks for another go. This is basically how it goes… conflict, build up, resolution, oh wait, I changed my mind, lull, conflict… You get the picture. There was just so much of this book that we didn’t need.

Did I love that everyone got their happily ever afters? Yes, yes I did. But I swear I was only in this series for Scarlet, Wolf, Cress and Thorne. They were really all I cared about by the end. Although, I did love Winter’s crazy. Meyer does crazy right.

I do, however, feel like the Snow White allusions in this one felt a bit forced. In the other books the fairy tales worked in an abstract sort of way but here they were blatant and obvious and a little eye-roll worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a good series and there were aspects of it I really liked but there was a lot of fluff I didn’t feel we needed. I personally, do not think books have to get longer with every new addition to the series. A little, maybe but not double in size. <<mini rant.

Overall, I give this one a three because I just had to know how our couples ended up. The series as a whole only gets 3.5 from me.

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Cress by Marissa Meyer is the third book in the Lunar ChroniclesCinder and Thorn are still on the run but now they are joined by Wolf and Scarlet and together they hope to overthrow Queen Levana.

In looking for help, they stumble upon Cress, a Lunar shell with amazing technological abilities. Cress hates Levana and her Captain Sybil for locking her up and ripping her from her family. Cress has been held prisoner, alone, on a tiny satellite for more than seven years, her only company computers. She has been forced to spy on the Earthens and assist Queen Levana in all of her evil plots. But she has been feeding the queen bad information and secretly communicating with Cinder.

Now Cinder and her crew must rescue Cress and stop the royal wedding. But this rescue mission goes awry and Cinder and her crew are separated–one captured, one seriously injured and two presumed dead.

How will Cinder stop a war when she can’t even save her own people?

Man, these audiobooks get longer and longer. I definitely still enjoyed this one but it wasn’t quite as good as Scarlet. In this one, the main story-line–saving Kai, the world and stopping Levana–gets put on hold until about 3/4 of the way through while everything else sort of falls apart. We once again get diverging story-lines, occurring simultaneously, that will ultimately meet up in the end. This was fine, but I’d just gotten used to the crew being all together.

I really enjoy how each book focuses on a different love story. Wolf and Scarlet are probably still my favorite pairing but Thorn and Cress are super interesting characters and I sort of like how their relationship evolves throughout the book. But really, what are with all of the female characters in this book questioning their hearts and the hearts of others? I get that this type of thing helps to make relationships a bit more dynamic and interesting but I’d sort of like one straightforward relationship to tied me over.

We are also introduced to another layer or element of the story. Jason, a Lunar Guard who lives to serve his princess… not Cinder but Winter. What little we see of Winter in this book was great. I liked this glimpse into her crazy innocence. We also get another hint into Queen Levana’s backstory, but still not enough for me to really care about her one way or another.

Overall, another entertaining listen, just maybe not as tight as the second book. This one gets three stars from me. On to Winter and it’s whopping 23+ hours of audio.

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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles. We pick up with Cinder, trying her best to escape prison and stay as far away from the evil  Queen Levana as she can. She has been labeled a criminal and is wanted on and off Earth.

Meanwhile in France, Scarlet Benoit is desperate to find her missing grandmother. When a chance encounter puts Scarlet in the path of Wolf, a street fighter with secrets, she has no option but to place her trust in his nearly feral hands. The two are drawn closer together as they hunt down Scarlet’s grandmother.

When these two worlds collide, secrets unfold and this unlikely crew of allies must do what they can to bring down Queen Levana and in doing so, save Prince Kai and the world.

Will Scarlet find her grandmother? Can she trust Wolf to help her? Will Cinder be able to master her Lunar gift and will she commit to her destiny and reclaim the Lunar throne?

Oh man, this one was good. The whole thing was entertaining as hell. I just loved Scarlet and Wolf’s storyline. I loved both of their characters and the way their bond evolves. Scarlet is a strong, self sufficient female who wasn’t quite as annoying as I sometimes found Cinder to be in the first book. And Wolf, is he good, is he bad, will he ever stop moving–one thing we do know, he is adorable in a rugged bad-ass way. I just loved his territorial protectiveness of Scarlet.

All of the characters seemed to evolve and became more likeable in this book… except Kai, he was sort of miserable in this one and didn’t actually do much. Cinder gained a lot more personality and there is something charming about her fellow escapee, Thorne. I also enjoyed that we learn a little more about Lunar society and the way the world works in the series.

One thing I am missing from this book is a little backstory into Queen Levana. Why did she try to kill her niece and really, why is she so evil? We get a little hint toward the end of this book that answers are coming but without a little more depth, she doesn’t seem all that scary to me.

Overall, this was an entertaining read. Every time the chapters would switch between Cinder and Scarlet, I’d be like nooo go back and then I’d get sucked right into the current chapter… it was a vicious cycle. As an audiobook, this one gets 4 stars from me.

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer is so much more than a reimagining of your classic Cinderella. Cinder is a sixteen-year-old mechanic, a cyborg, outcast and the bane of her stepmother’s existence. Cinder became a cyborg when she was eleven-years-old and remembers nothing of her childhood.

All Cinder wants is to be free–free to make her own decisions and to live her own life. Instead she is stuck providing for a family who barely tolerates her. Her job as a mechanic throws her in the path of the prince of New Beijing, Prince Kai. She is tasked with fixing his android, Nancy, but she finds that the android is anything but ordinary.

Interrupting this task, Cinder’s sister, Peony, comes down with a terrible plague with a 100% mortality rate. At this news, Cinder’s stepmother offers Cinder up as a lab rat in the hopes of finding a cure–an appointment that always ends in death. But the scientists soon find out that Cinder is more than meets the eye.

Will Cinder succumb to the plague? Will Peony survive? Will whatever Prince Kai is hiding be enough to halt an inevitable Lunar invasion? And where does Cinder come into all of this?

I’m not going to lie, I was super skeptical going into this one. @sophiethestark convinced me to give it a go–you can check out her review here. Still, because I was skeptical, I decided to checkout the audiobook and I’m glad I did. I’d heard mixed reviews about this first book in the series and I wonder if I might have felt the same way if I read the book. Regardless, the audiobook was definitely the way to go for me.

Cinder is a YA reimagining of Cinderella in the loosest sense of the term. This story takes place in the future among cyborgs and spaceships; there are androids and a race of people who live on the moon. The story itself starts out pretty slow, with not a lot of meat but soon the plot evolves and the pace picks up.

I feel like this is a book that is meant to set the stage for more. There isn’t a lot to it but you can tell there is a lot to come; hints toward future story arcs and bits and pieces for you to tuck away for later.

I keep thinking of what else I should say about this book but if I am being honest, not much comes to mind. Don’t get be wrong, it was an entertaining listen. I finished the audio book in just a few days, which means I listened to it in the car, while cooking, getting dress, you get the picture. I’d say check out @sophiethestark’s review if you want a review of the written book as for the audio, it was very well done and kept my interest all the way through.

This one gets 3.5 stars from me. A fun, entertaining read that you can easily get sucked in to.

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