Dr. Seuss Hide-And-Seek

Hi Guys,

Every year, I plan something at the library for Dr. Seuss’s birthday–March 2nd. Last year we had a big party with crafts, snacks, stories and games. This year I am actually going to be out of town on the day but I couldn’t resist throwing something together.

Over the holiday we did a Gingerbread Man Hunt –This was a passive program and it was a big success, so I decided to try something similar for Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Dr. Seuss Hide-And-Seek:20170222_124541

In my experience, kids love anything they have to find. Eye Spy books fly off the shelf! So keeping that in mind I created a bingo-esq board with a bunch of different Dr. Seuss 20170222_124546characters.

The night before Dr. Seuss’s birthday my colleagues will “hide” all sixteen of these characters around our children’s room. Throughout the day kids can come collect a Dr. Seuss board and see how many characters they are able to find. The librarians will have a list of where the characters are in case the kids need some hints.

20170222_124556Once they find them all or are finished looking, they can come to the J-desk and tell the librarian how many the found. We have prizes for the first 100 participants, which include a neat bag, sticker, pencil, bookmark and temporary tattoo. 20170222_125007

Because we did this party last year, I had some display materials all ready to go. I put up our old window display and my colleagues will set up my truffula trees somewhere in the J room.

The truffula trees are made from pool noodles, duct tape, a Styrofoam ball and tissue paper. Oh, and a lot, a LOT of hot glue.

I’m super bummed I won’t be at the library for the day of the event but I am sure it will be a lot of fun! Figured I’d share in case anyone is looking for any Dr. Seuss themed ideas.

That’s all for now!