Baby Storytime: 10/28/19 – October fun 

Baby Storytime: 10/28/19 – October fun

  • Hello Rhyme – Wake Up Feet
    • This is a fun movement rhyme for the babies.

Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up feet and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up and wiggle in the morning.
(Also: hands, ears, knees, fingers, hips, etc.)

  • ASL – SCARRED / PUMPKIN / SPIDER51sr47aspul._sy498_bo1204203200_
    • For my babies I teach them three vocabulary words in American Sign Language each week. We do a lot of repeats and stick to the easy movement signs. I generally use Baby Sign to check my signs.
  • Song –  Up, Down, Turn Around by It’s Toddler Time 
    • We’ll adapt this one a little bit for the babies. We will do a lift for up and down and for turn around, we will roll our hands.
  • Board Book – Teeny Tiny Ghost by Rachel Matson
    • I pass this one out to encourage one-on-one reading. This one is perfect for the week of Halloween without saying Halloween, so I don’t have to bill the storytime as a Halloween storytime.
  • Rhyme – Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Pumpkin, pumpkin on the ground, (touch the ground)
How’d you get so big and round? (make a big circle)
Once you were a seed so small, (pinch fingers together)
Now you are a great big ball! (make a big circle)
Pumpkin, pumpkin on the ground, (touch the ground)
How’d you get so big and round? (make a big circle)

  • Song –  Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by It’s Toddler Time
    • We did this one last week but repetition is good for the little ones.
  • Finger Play/Flannel – Five Little Pumpkins IMG_0236

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
The first one said, “Oh, my it’s getting late”
The second one said, “There’s a chill in the air.”
The third one said, “But we don’t care.”
The fourth one said, “Let’s run, let’s run!”
The fifth one said, “Isn’t playing fun?”

  • Rhyme – Itsy Bitsy Spider51auio7nk2bl._sx446_bo1204203200_
    • Everyone knows this one and it’s perfect for the theme.
  • Book – Pumply, Dumply Pumpkin by Mary SerfozoWe technically don’t have this one in the catalog but I couldn’t resist doing it!
  • Lift – Up, Up, Up

Up, up, up (lift baby up)
Down, down, down (bring baby back down)
Up, down, up, down (up and down motion)
And tickles all around (tickle baby)

  • Bounce – This is the way the pumpkin rides
    • This is the classic bounce but with a creepy twist.

This is the way the pumpkin rides,
Pumpkin rides, pumpkin rides,
This is the way the pumpkin rides.
On its way to town.
This is the way the mummy rides,
Mummy rides, mummy rides,
This is the way the mummy rides.
On his way to town.
This is the way the goblin rides,
Goblin rides, goblin rides,
This is the way the goblin rides.
On his way to town.
This is the way the witch rides,
Witch rides, witch rides,
This is the way the witch rides.
On her way to town.

  • Song/Shakers – Monster Mash by Kidz-Bop
    • Shaker time!
  • Song/Bubbles – Splish Splash by Mr. AI
    • Bubbles are great because when we track the bubbles with our eyes, we are actually strengthening the eye muscles we later use when we learn to read.
  • Goodbye Rhyme – Our Hands Say Thank You

Our hands say thank you with
A clap, clap, clap;
Our feet say thank you with a
Tap, tap, tap.
Clap, clap, clap!
Tap, tap, tap!
We roll our hands around, and say,

  • Song – Clean It Up by Laurie Berkner
  • Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell by K. Guilmartin

How’d it go:

We started out as a small group and ended as a really big group. But fun was had and even if it got a little steamy by the end, we were all warmed up and ready to meet the rest of the day!

That’s all for now!


Books Are Fab-BOO-lous!

Hi Guys! This is another very quick display for October. Things have been crazy here, so easy but fun is key!

I love Halloween and anything I can put out there with out specifically stating “Halloween,” is totally up my ally.

This one is a simple play on words, as you can tell! Enjoy!

That’s all for now!


Baby Storytime: 10/29/18

Hi Guys, this week is Halloween, so I threw in a few Halloween-ish rhymes and such into this storytime. Enjoy!

  • Movement Rhyme – Wake Up…
    • This is a fun stretch to get our bodies moving before storytime. And it is great for babies because it helps us identify our body parts. I got the lyrics from Jbrary but I’ve seen this one around before.

Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up feet and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up and wiggle in the morning.

(Also: hands, ears, knees, fingers, hips, etc.)

  • ASL – The More We Get Together51ey6-9wi4l-_sx437_bo1204203200_
    • We first teach the kids the signs for: More, Together, Happy & Friends. Then incorporate the signs as we sing the song. Check out Signing Savvy or Baby Sign Language to learn these signs.
  • Song w/ Movements – Tap Your Toe and Follow Me by Susan Salidor
    • This one of my favorite movement songs for babies. Simple and light.
  • Board Book – Eek! Halloween! by Sandra Boynton
    • I pass out copies of this one and I just happened to have a larger printed version to read myself.
  • Finger Play – Fe Fi Fo Fum
  • Fe fi fo fum. (Touch each finger with thumb-one finger per syllable.)
    See my fingers. (Hold up four fingers.)
    See my thumb. (Hold up thumb.)
    Fe fi fo fum. (Touch each finger with thumb again.)

  • Movement Rhyme – Open and Shut Them
    • Simple movements for babies and one I used to do all the time.
  • Flannel/Prop – Five Little Pumpkins
    • I will probably do a flannel for this one but I am thinking about bringing in 5 mini pumpkins for storytime.
  • Song – Five Green Goblins by Sing-N-Play
    • I had to get this one from YouTube but it is upbeat and we can pretend our fingers are goblins and sign along.
  • Book – Pumpkin Eye by Denise Fleming515ewteq53l-_sx490_bo1204203200_
    • Simple words with rhyme.
  • Lift – Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
    • This is a fun one with simple movements and we get a lift when the babies blast off at the end.
  • Zoom, zoom, zoom we’re going to the moon. Zoom, zoom, zoom we’re going to the moon. If you want to take a trip, climb aboard my rocketship. Zoom, zoom, zoom we’re going to the moon. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLASTOFF!

  • Bounce – I bounce you here, I bounce you there…
    • We love our bounces and lifts in baby storytime.
  • I bounce you here, I bounce you there
    I bounce you, bounce you everywhere
    I tickle you here, I tickle you there
    I tickle you, tickle you everywhere
    I hug you here, I hug you there
    I hug you, hug you everywhere

  • Song/Shakers – Monster Mash by Kidz Bop Halloween
    • Just the perfect, upbeat, Halloween song for shaking!
  • Song/Bubbles – Bubbles by Parachute Express
    • I love the bubble maker for the babies. Bubbles help babies because the same eye muscles the use to track the bubbles as they move, are the same muscles they will later use for reading.
  • ASL – The More We Get Together
    • I like to end with the same sign language song we used in the beginning.
  • Song – Clean It Up
    • Any good clean up song will work.
  • Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell by Music Together
    • I will always put this one on in the background as everyone leaves because I just love it!

How’d it go: This was a really fun one. I did cut out my Zoom, Zoom rhyme because we were running short on time but other than that, I think everyone had a spooooky time!

That’s all for now!


Five Little Pumpkins

Sooo I realized that I’ve never made a flannel for five little pumpkins and of course I had to. So ta-da!

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate
First one said “Oh my, it’s getting late!”
Second one said “There are witches in the air”
The third one said ” but we don’t care!”
The fourth one said “let’s run and run and run”
The fifth one said “I’m ready for some fun!”
Ooo ooo went the wind, and out went the light
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight

That’s all for now!


Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk is another juvenile fiction book, with a historical feel, nominated for the 2017-2018 Maryland Black Eyed Susan Award.

For a town living in the shadow of WWI, Annabelle and her family live a quiet but peaceful live in small-town Pennsylvania. Annabelle and her two younger brothers walk to their one-room school every day from their family’s farmhouse. One day, things are shaken up in Wolf Hollow when a new student enters Annabelle’s life, Betty Glengarry.

Betty is a cruel and manipulative little girl who has her sights set on Annabelle. When Annabelle refuses to put up with Betty’s bullying, Betty threatens her younger brothers. Things only escalate when Toby, an eccentric WWI veteran who lives on the outskirts of society, gets involved.

As Betty’s malice turns toward Toby, things go from bad to worse in a hurry. Missing children, pointed fingers and more. Can Annabelle uncover the truth when no one will believe her?

Oh boy, I did not know what I was getting into when I started this one. This is a very serious book with serious themes and serious actions and repercussions. I read another reviewer’s comment that this is a middle school read… but not–and I feel the exact same way. I don’t think I would recommend this book to a sensitive reader.  Although, it is definitely a book that adults would enjoy and perhaps reading this one with your child (or at the same time) would be the way to go. But as a warning there is death, severe injury to children, lies and persecution in this book.

I think one of the main, positive, themes of this book is truth–telling the truth and not giving in to what everyone around you says/believes. Annabelle knows right from wrong and she pursues the truth with dogged determination, even if it means fibbing and blurring lines to get there. Annabelle’s family are well respected in her small town and even so, doing the right thing isn’t easy when lies are spurred on by gossip and too quick judgements.

This book is actually a prime example of how the best laid plans can devolve into chaos at rapid speed. I mean, the meat of this book takes place in only a matter of two or  three days at the most. And, for me, this was a realistic and important lesson. Things don’t always go as planned even if you have the best intentions at heart.

This wasn’t a bad read but I worry that it might upset it’s intended audience. Yes, we need strong fiction with a variety of morals and lessons but I think we need to prepare young readers for this one. It definitely should be recommended but maybe with a caveat.

This one gets 3.5 stars from me.

That’s all for now!