Keeping Busy With A Toddler: Part IV

I hope everyone had a happy, if smaller scaled Easter this year. Here are a few more of the crafty things we’ve done at my house to keep busy these past few weeks:

Decorating Easter Eggs:


Just like our rainbow picture a few posts ago, we decided to decorate an Easter egg. This time I broke out some poms along with the tissue paper.

Painting a “Bird House”:


We will be continuing this one as we break out the paints here and there, but we are working on paining an empty oatmeal container, which we will then turn into a bird house and stick it outside with some seed… maybe. We’ll see if we ever finish it.

DIY Shadow Tube Puppets:


I saw this one online and thought I’d give it a try. We have some toilet paper and paper towel tubes that I’ve just been putting to the side. So we covered one side with clear food wrap, and then I cut out shapes to stick on. When you shine a flashlight through the tube, the shadow of the shape shines on the ceiling or wall. You could even extend this by letting the little one decorate the tubes first.

Some non-craft, household ideas:

We’ve also tried to utilize what we have around the house to keep ourselves busy. We made some cookies the other day. This was messy but fun. Instead of cutting out shapes, I let my little one roll the dough into balls and then we “threw” them at the baking pan, which seemed to entertain.

We also broke out the dominoes, which is super frustrating for the parents because all my little one wants to do it knock down whatever we build. But hey, if it works!

Stay sane all!


Keeping Busy With A Toddler: Part III

Ohh it’s going to be a longggg month. But we are making it work. Here are some more quick and easy boredom busters to keep you going!



I don’t know if you have these handy but they are so much fun. Seriously follow the directions though because a little go a long way. Prep this this night before for immediate fun in the morning. You can put the waterbeads in a ziplock if your little one isn’t good about keeping things out of their mouth but if they are, the texture is so fun for the kids. Mine loves scooping from one bin to another and hiding her toys under the water beads.

Soap Bubble Snake:

I saw this one online the other day and, on one of his rare off days, my husband decided to give it a go while I worked. Basically, cut the bottom off a water bottle (sport cap bottle is better) and cover the bottom with a sock. Dip the sock in a mixture of dish soap and water and blow. It’s a lot of fun but be careful because you can only blow out, if you blow in you’ll get a mouth full of bubbles. If your little one can’t be trusted (mine can’t) to only blow out, then your best doing it for them and letting them chase the snake bubbles on a windy day.


My little one has a serious thing for rocks. She’s got a little collection lining our bookcases and likes to dig for rocks outside. So we decided to go “rock-hounding” or a toddler version of it. We went down to the lake and searched for rocks and once we had a nice pile practiced our throwing skills to make big splashes.

Alphabet Run:

We’re only two, so we really aren’t doing much with our letters yet but we are trying to get familiar with them. So I taped the alphabet down our hallway and we are going to slap a letter each time we go by. I put them at different heights to make it more fun. For older kids, you can write three letter words on a separate paper and have the kids identify the letters in the hallway.

Stay busy and safe everyone!

That’s all for now!


Keeping Busy With A Toddler: Part II

Hi Guys,

Hope you enjoyed some of the boredom busters from my last post. Here are a few more to keep you busy. Most of this stuff I had lying around the house but you can adapt almost anything with what you have on hand.

Washing Dishes:


I don’t know if it is the age or what, but my toddler loves to wash the dishes. We set her up at the sink with a clean sponge, have the water on low and put all her kitchen toys in the basin. She will get wet and so will your counter but easy clean up and passes the time and instills some good habits 🙂

Rainy Day Stickies:


Broke out the saran wrap again for some rainy day fun. I cut out different color blue raindrops and a cloud and we sang rain, rain go away while we stuck the stickies on. Make sure to use press and seal, sticky side out.

Play-dough Cutting & Fossils:


We have a fake pair of doctor scissors, so I let my little one test out her cutting skills (which are non-existent by the way). She broke up the play-dough into tiny pieces and then sorted them back into the containers. We also got out our “friends,” plastic characters, and pressed all their feet into the dough to look like little fossils.

DIY Tissue Paper Rainbow:

Daycare told us it was national rainbow day the other day, so I drew a rainbow on a piece of white construction paper and cut tissue paper into different shapes. I spread some glue and let my little one stick on the colors. We also used cut up cotton balls for the clouds. There was some frustration with this one when she tried to stick paper where there was no glue. Prep time, maybe five minutes.

Stay safe and enjoy!

That’s all for now!


Keeping Busy with a Toddler

Hi Guys,

With working from home, I haven’t been posting as much. Being pregnant, having to take care of a toddler, working remotely and dealing with everything else going on, there just hasn’t been as much time to post storytimes or book reviews. So I thought I’d share a couple of the boredom busters we are doing at my house. I hope you find them helpful in keeping your little ones busy.

DIY Sensory Bin:

This one has been a favorite of ours. I basically took a cookie/food container and filled it with nick-nacks I had around the house. I had some expiring pasta and rice, some felt shapes, letters, dice, a flower, pony beads and some decorative buttons. My little one loves scooping the materials into another bowl using a spoon or cup. I also gave her a pipe cleaner and let her search for the beads and string them on.

This took me maybe 5 minutes to scrounge together.

DIY Shape Stickies:

This was another 5 minute prep. Take the press and seal saran wrap, sticky side out, and tape it to a wall or window. Cut out shapes in different sizes and colors. Construction paper will work but tissue paper sticks better. We identified the shapes and colors as we stuck them up.

Glow Bath:


Haha this one was so fun but made getting out of the bath really hard! I had some glow sticks and I stuck them in her bath. We left the hallway light on and turned off the bathroom light. Again, basically no prep but filling the bath and cracking those light sticks.

Painting with Sponges & Shapes:


I have a big roll of brown paper, newspaper would work too, that I rolled out onto the table. I then put three big blobs of paint and gave my little one a toilet paper roll, some cut up sponges (cutting shapes into them were a fail), and some paint brushes and just let her paint away. You gotta be prepared for the mess and clean up with this one. But set up was really quick. We love getting messy first thing in the morning apparently.

More to come. Stay safe!

That’s all for now!


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Hi Guys,

Our library is promoting a new initiative called 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. Basically, the goal is to have kids read or do 1000 early literacy activities before they go to kindergarten. This can be singing songs, being read to, doing bounces, rhymes. Pretty much lots of fun!

To promote this program, I threw together a display using some of the images we were given and drew up some coral, sea grass and shells. Super easy and lots of fun!


That’s all for now!