Family Storytime: Bubbles & Bathtime

Back to work and back to storytimes! My theme for this week was Bubbles & Bathtime–mostly because I got a bubble gun and just had to use it! This was also a super special storytime because my mom brought my new baby 🙂

So what did we do…

I like to open and close my storytimes the same way.

  • Song – Top of the Morning
    • This is a good song to warm up with because we stretch all the parts we will be using in storytime. Eyes, arms, legs, mouth, nose.
  • Rhyme – Say Hello
    • love this rhyme. Everyone claps along and at the end we say hello how ever I tell them to. Loud, soft, quick, slow.
  • Stretch – Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes

Then we get into our theme.

  • ASL – Bath, Bubbles, Duck
    • I like to include a few new ASL signs in storytime. I usually print my own flash cards from Baby Sign Language.
  • Rhyme – Tiny Tim

I had a little turtle;
His name is Tiny Tim.
I put him in the bathtub
To see if he could swim.
He drank up all the water
And ate up all the soap.
Now he’s home and sick in bed
With bubbles in his throat!
Bubble, bubble, bubble,
Bubble, bubble, bubble,
Bubble, bubble, bubble,
Bubble, bubble, POP!

  • Book – Get Out of My Bath! by Nosy Crow
    • This is such a fun book and can be very interactive. I have the kids shake side to side to make waves in Ellie’s tub.
  • Song w/ Shakers – Splish Splash!
    • Classic song and a fun one to shake to.
  • Flannel – Five Little Elephants in a Bathtub
    • Counting, colors, bathtime and elephants… what more can you ask for.
  • Rhyme – One, Two, Three Little Bubbles

One little, two little, three little bubbles
Four little, Five little, Six little bubbles
Seven little, Eight little, Nine little bubbles
Ten little bubbles go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles
Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles
Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles

  • Book w/ Puppet – The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
    • I made this puppet ages ago and bring him out every once in a while. I also made a cardboard bathtub for the pigeon to bath in.
  • Song w/ Bubble Gun – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles by The Hit Crew
    • Who doesn’t love bubbles! Trying out this bubble gun, if the kids get too crazy I may need to nix it for Family Storytime.

To close I usually finish with:

  • Movement Exercise – If You’re Happy and You Know It20161007_155100
    • I tell the kids that I want to know how happy they are.
  • Rhyme – Say Goodbye
    • This is the same rhyme we started with, so the new guys are familiar with it by the end of storytime.
  • Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell my Friends by Music Together
    • I always put this one on as I go to open the door. Its a nice, slow, peaceful song to wind down on.

How’d it go: I was pleasantly surprised that the kids listened to me and didn’t go crazy with the bubbles. It actually was really nice, so we will definitely have to invest in a bubble machine that goes further because mine didn’t shoot very far. Other than that, we had a good time!

That’s all for now!



Author: MarandaLee

Children's Librarian. Connoisseur of all things bookish.

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